Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd (VanPile) has been contracted to complete the removal of the SMT-5000 barge from English Bay beach.



Facing fall weather into week 8

September 26, 2022

We’re now into our third month of barge deconstruction. Last week we completed a major milestone, removing the final pieces of the forward rake. Deconstruction is on track and crews have moved on to the aft section of the barge to remove the stern rake. We began preparations for this last week while we waited for the tides to be in our favour at the forward section. Preparations included cutting holes in the deck for ventilation to allow our crews to safely work inside.

This week we hope to remove the deck sections at the stern of the barge and begin preparations to remove the larger piece, similar to what we did on the bow. The stern removal will differ from the bow as it won’t require the additional scaffolding that we installed on the front. The skegs, the two legs sticking out in the back, will support the stern during the deconstruction.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been very fortunate with the weather with calm water and blue skies. We had a few days of wind, shifting our operations, but otherwise the weather has cooperated. Over the next few weeks as fall moves in, we anticipate the weather playing a larger role. Safety for the crew is our number one goal which means weather may result in minor delays or a shift in schedule to accommodate our team. Despite dropping temperatures, here’s hoping for continued sunshine! 


November 15, 2021 –  An atmospheric river drenches the southern part of BC, leading to widespread flooding, high winds and high tides. SMT-5000, the barge drifted loose from its anchor and drifted to shore where it became stuck.

June 30, 2022 – Safety barriers installed to prepare for deconstruction

July 25, 2022 – Deconstruction begins 

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